THOMASTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A boat builder in Maine is ready to take on the world.

Boatuilder Lyman Morse, of Thomaston, has lauched a 63-foot boat that's specially designed to go around the world and set a new speed record while doing it.

"The Kiwi Spirit" will leave Maine in mid-November and her owner, Stanley Paris, will spend much of the next year getting ready to sail non-stop around the world alone.

Paris says his goal is to break the record set by Dodge Morgan of Maine back in the 1990s. Morgan sailed around the world in 150 days.

Paris believes his boat can do it in 120.

Paris praises Morse and his shipbuilding crew and says "now we've been sailing [the boat] and its awesome. The winds I would have gotten 7.5 or 8 knots from on my previous boat, I'm getting 10 and 12 knots now."

Paris says by the time he starts the trip he will be 76 years old - by far the oldest person to ever make the solo, round the world voyage.

But Paris says he's sailed the world before and also made other long distance cruises.

He's also swum the English Channel twice and says he's ready for the challenge.

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