BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Tuesday the Salvation Army in Bangor served up an early Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings. The Dorthy Day Soup Kitchen transformed the gymnasium into a family-style dining experience. The volunteers, however, are the ones that benefit from the experience.

Nick Carangelo a volunteer with the Salvation Army said, "It feels good to just help the community out and help some people that really need it. "

Volunteers from 15 local organizations spent hours preparing the meal that hundreds of locals will would enjoy. The Salvation Army's Captain Tim Clark, says the dinner would not be possible without the dozens of volunteers, but many that donate their time say it's well worth it.

Volunteer Susan Sombret said, "It's not truly a replacement for family, but for me, I have one in Idaho one in Florida. You have to embrace what family, what brotherhood, what companionship that you can where you are."

The volunteers were able to provide meals to 165 people.

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