BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Last year alone-- the Bangor area homeless shelter provided beds for 472 people. For many facing homelessness- it becomes a vicious cycle of searching for a roof over their head. The city of Bangor uses a program "Shelter Plus Care" to help end homelessness.

The federally funded program provides housing, case managers, and the tools to succeed. Participants are able to gain training for work and find jobs to fit their schedule.

Five year participant of the program, Leon Jones, said, "The help is there for those that want to put in the effort out to get it. You do have to work for it, it is not just going to come. You have to advocate for yourself."

The goal of the program is to get people out of shelters and living on their own. This allows more room in shelters and opens up more beds for those in need.

Case manager Ron Carlow said, "That's what the whole essence is to develop the tools, the skills, the will, to be more independent."

According to Bangor Health, the program falls into the 80 to 90 percentile for the success rate. To qualify a person must be homeless and either be diagnosed with a mental illness, fighting substance abuse, or be H-I-V positive.

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