BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Pieces of sports history dating back to 1867 were on saleWednesday at The Saco River Auction Company withnearly 5,000 bidders.

At last years auction, a 148-year-old baseball card sold for $92,000, the most Saco River Auction has eversold for an item.

This year's bids came in short of that, but there was no shortage of one of a kind items. For example, an oil painting of Cy Young, the Boston American baseball player. The painting was found rolled up in a Maine attic, and the owner of that $92,000 baseball card came to bid on it. The painting sold for $7,500 to a phone bidder.

"'Bummed?' A little bit. A little bit. I kept looking at it after the auction was over and wondered if I should have gone a little bit higher," said Jason Leblac, the only other person tobid on the painting."Because it's one of those pieces where you may never see it again... and you do have some regrets when you walk away from that stuff."

Another item sold to auction was a 1933 Babe Ruth Collector's Card. In fact, a Yankee's fanbought it over thephone for $1,300.

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