PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students at Portland High School watched a mock crash demonstration , to see firsthand what can happen when they get behind the wheel.

The scenario involved a drunk driver leaving a party and hitting another vehicle. Seven teens acted out the roles of injured passengers, with one fatality. Portland Police and Fire Departments responded just like they would in a real accident, even performing a sobriety test on the drunk driver and using the Jaws of Life.

Students say even though they know the crash isn't real, it's very emotional to participate and to watch.

"It's very emotional to think that something like that could actually happen to one of my classmates," Junior Becky Scott said. "It's just crazy to think about that."

"I think it's really important to spread awareness about distracted driving, be it texting, drugs, alcohol," senior Eliana Finberg told NEWS CENTER." It happens a lot to teenagers and I'm hoping that seeing something like this encourages students to really think before they get in the car."

The mock crash is held every two years. It's sponsored by Students Against Destructive Decisions, also known as SADD.


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