SANFORD, Maine -- (NEWS CENTER) -- An 11-year old Sanford girl is heading back to school with a big sense of accomplishment after taking up her neighbor's challenge to bike 101 miles this summer.

Starting in late June, Cassidy Tierney and Jim Arsenault rode 12 miles -- about 10 laps around their neighborhood, each week. The pair completed 101 miles last week. The trek took about two hours -- during that time the 5th grader worked on her math skills and learned how to navigate safely on the road. Both say the ride was all about having fun. Cassidy hopes to invite her friends to hit the road in the future.

'I am going to ask them if they want to do the same thing with me, why do you think it would be a good idea? Because it would be fun and be with my friends,' said Cassidy Tierney. Cassidy plans to add to accomplishment and ride 201 miles next summer, hopefully with some classmates in tow.

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