PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (NECN) -- New Hampshire wasn't kind to Governor Rick Perry (R) back in 2012. He's hoping votes in the granite state will give him a fresh start as he considers another presidential bid in 2016.

Friday, Governor Perry returned to New Hampshire for a series of GOP sponsored events. He met with business leaders in Portsmouth and focused many of his remarks on border concerns and the growing threat of ISIS. He even connected the two by speculating members of ISIS could enter the U.S. through unsecured borders.

"ISIS has said 'we are coming to America' and they are going to attack us," Gov. Perry said. "I take them at their word."

The Governor also addressed his recent indictment on coercion charges by a Texas grand jury. He called the charges "politically motivated" and said he will fight them with every fiber of his being.

Governor Perry will make several more stops in New Hampshire Saturday.

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