GREENBUSH, New York (WNYT) -- What began as a family's home remodeling project in East Greenbush, New York has led to the reopening of a 75-year-old missing person investigation.

After human remains were discovered in a basement crawl space, the property on Wednesday was soon crawling with police.

"The person who lived here disappeared in 1938," stated Detective Sgt. Matt Breig of the East Greenbush Police Department. "It was a female and we don't even have her name."

What police do have are human remains, bones discovered by a contractor who was beginning a remodeling project, found in the basement crawl space.

These bones also come with an intriguing history and a small amount of documentation in the form of papers inside the house that may provide valuable clues for investigators.

"There's a ninth grader's book report or a school project that mentions this," Breig said. "That's the only lead we have."

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